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VRONTO NODE is the best performing

multi-platform designed for your needs.

VRONTO NODE [VTN] is a multi-platform with optimized masternodes for maximum profit.

VRONTO NODE [VTN] supports masternodes, the upgraded version eco-friendly, energy efficient, and low-cost mining tool. It also implements the new multi-collateral system for more rewards.

Lightning Fast Multi-Platform

Faster transfer speed enables tracking transaction from your wallet, and the transferred amount can be used six minutes after the transfer. The multi-platform system supports wallets on various devices.


“Peta” requires 1,000 VTN as a collateral, and it is rewarded 10% of the VTN for each block generated. It is maintained at a relatively low cost.


Compared with other projects, rewarding is more stable thanks to optimized and stabilized system(core) which enables simultaneous rewarding for Peta, Zetta, and VronTo.


“Zetta” requires 3,000 VTN as a collateral, and it is rewarded 30% of the VTN for each block generated.


VTN can be used like a credit or debit card at credit card affiliated stores and ATMs worldwide. VRONTO NODE’s usage will continue to increase for more convenience for the users.


“VronTo” requires 5,000 VTN as a collateral, and it is rewarded 52% of the VTN for each block generated.

PETA Reward on Each Block :

10% of coin generated from each block

VRONTO Reward on Each Block :

52% of coin generated from each block

ZETTA Reward on Each Block :

30% of coin generated from each block

PoS Reward on Each Block :

8% of coin generated from each block

Web Wallet

This web wallet is easy to use. With easy login, multi-language support for troubleshooting, and personal information encryption, the system offers a convenient wallet usage with intuitive UI.

Application Wallet

Your smartphone is all you need to access your wallet fast and easy. This app wallet is connected to the web wallet and is available on iOS and Android.



Desktop Multi-Wallet

A must for masternode, this desktop wallet supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux to accommodate any users. Its simple and intuitive UI enables convenient wallet usage.





A complete guide for VRONTO NODE

White Paper Ver 1.1

VRONTO NODE White Paper details the system in easy-to-understand language without all the technical terminology so that the users can grasp the concept with clarity.
Our white paper is currently available in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. The white paper will be available in other languages in the near future.



Road Map

This is the VRONTO NODE Roadmap. Click the link below for more details.

Mastenode Setup Guide

A complete masternode setup guide for beginners

Masternode Setup Guide Ver 1.0

This guide shows how to set up wallets for masternodes and VPS server in easy-to-follow directions.
This guide is available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.



VRONTO NODE Price Charts and Exchanges

The VRONTO NODE is a lightning fast multi purpose platform, optimized for maximum profit.