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Introducing The VRONTO NODE

What does VRONTO NODE mean?
Now, the maximum capacity of digital storage is up to the yottabyte.
The next unit is either to be the brontobyte, or vrontobyte, with the former being more likely to be chosen.
We write it as VronTo. VronTo means to amass a greater amount of information than the yotta,
and combined with all the nodes including the internet and telecommunication connecting the world, create VRONTO NODE.

The name suggests that everything in this world is connected as one, and we aim such unity to bring a ubiquitous usage for everyone with globally connected masternodes that enable access anywhere in the world.

Other projects, full of technical jargon, were too difficult to use for the general users

Our project aims to create a technology simple, safe and easy to understand.

All the algorithms and technology we have developed have been proven to be stable and reliable. Thus our focus on this project have shifted more towards on users and investors’ profitability and usability. This VRONTO NODE focuses on providing user convenience, expandability, and usages.

-Note: Stability, security, technicality are essential parts of this project, and our dedicated developers have striven to achieve them to a flawless degree. We only refrain from excessive explanation with technical jargon that may be too lengthy for the general users.

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Simplicity and Convenience

We tried to provide easy-to-understand descriptions as much as possible, with simple and intuitive UI and manual design so that anyone can implement the masternodes and VPS servers. (Multi-language service is provided to reduce language barriers as much as possible with plans to add more languages available in the future.)

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Optimized for masternodes

Our project benchmarks various algorithms from the existing masternodes to fix their problems and customize for our scheme. This modification brings the best optimization and stabilization with minimal errors. We also provide a wide range of choices for our users by implementing three compensation systems.

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We support web wallet, wallets for various devices, and operating systems so that the users can access their wallets whenever and wherever they need. Such versatility makes VTN transfer hassle-free. (Note: Due to current technical and reliability issues, wallet for masternodes is only available on desktop PC.)

There are plenty of great algorithms that are available for cryptocurrency and masternode projects.

The blockchain technology is gradually gaining recognition and being implemented in various areas other than cryptocurrency.
Such expansion is also causing problems.

Some projects have errors that the developers hide to proceed with launching.
These errors are only recognized by the developers and the users remain unaware of them; however, such errors are prone to cause major disasters in the future.

From benchmarking numerous algorithms of masternode projects that have been launched, we have found errors and problems, and modified them.

By modifying, improving, and customizing the errors of the algorithms that were proven to have strong security and stability, we have developed an algorithm most optimized and stabilized for the masternode.

Unclear usage is one of the weaknesses of the existing projects.
Most cryptocurrency today lack the practicality for everyday usage with too much focus on mining, trading, masternodes, and other technical aspects. We are aware that the users now want cryptocurrency they can actually use.

This project began with its focus on usability.
Thus we aim to create a cryptocurrency that is convenient to use, and accepted everywhere. Our marketing team is striving hard to achieve this objective.

Our begin our journey with the "VTN Free Pay Card", a debit or credit card for cryptocurrency.

The VRONTO NODE is a lightning fast multi purpose platform, optimized for maximum profit.